Although I might seem a Luddite to some, I’m quite some time behind a computer screen as a programmer. I have experience programming in languages like Ruby, Elixir, Haskell, Python, Julia, Rust and worked in Java, Javascript and even PHP as well.

My love for Haskell and functional programming rolled me into the study of category theory, which still fascinates me a lot.

I’m very interested in Networks, Complexity Science, Cellular Automata, DSP and GPU programming.

My IDE of choice is a combination of Bash, Vim and Git. I’m using both Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac OSX. I recently even worked with Windows again.

Although I worked with PD and Max, my musical work is also focussed on analog synthesizers and analog computers. It got me afk and even made me take a soldering iron in my hands again.


I’m very bad at responding to calls and good ol’ SMS messages. Sending an email might work.

And about this site

Thanks to Solarized for the color inspiration. Made with Vim, Bash, Git and Hugo.


I’m very interested to use Systems Science to reason about correct and sustainable code. There are some talks you can find online where I try to explain this, but it all comes down to the following:

Focussing on referential transparent code makes code more easier to understand and to test. This benefits the maintainable and sustainable code. In object oriented programming, mocking, as described in “Growing Object Oriented Software Guide by Tests” is a way to isolate side effects and fake referential transparency. In functional programming, thanks to Eugenio Moggi, we now know that the Monad is a wonderful abstraction to isolate side effects and make our code more referential transparent.